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NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 1 Afternoon Session

December 2, 2012

Jst done wid my exam.. frustrated.. Cant understand y ppl calling neet easy nd cut-off so high.. It ws nowhere near an easy paper..

its hard to say if its easy or tugh!! ppr was lik in 2 extrm… some wer so silly ques… some othr wer lik nevr herd!! many confusin quest as ll…. i can’t say it was an easy ppr at alllll!!!!!! icon_sad.gif

Hi..appeared for the aftrnoon session…Kind of mixed patterns of question AIPGE+DNB Q. overall i felt tha it was more of like AIPGE . few q were far easy(10%) so those will non determinant types rest were moderate(50) College time universities exam MCQ and twisted (30%) and non answerable(10%). i really doubt 80% cutoff..it would be down at ~65. one should atleast revise sign, symtoms, radiological signs as described in Kalaam”s table ~10Q.

friends..I dont want to spread rumors..called a friend today,who claimed that paper was very easy for him and his friends..all of them are repeating for second time,..out of the 3,two are diploma PGTs ..they read Iams notes(postal) and few subject wise book..
Claimed that paper came from known topics,all known…10-12 qstions data based but answerable..overall review from them is paper was very good and answerable and no offbeat qstions(according to him)

wrote down exam on 30 evening.. exam ke baad all i felt ke nbe vale mera majak uda re the ke beta ghar baith ke padha hai na tuek saal, chal aa dekhe kitne pani mein hai tu.. stupid ppr stupid ques, koi farak ni padna tha chahe ppr 23rd ko hi de diya hota to…

Guys..i appered in d afternoon session..though the paper looks easy bt in real its not..100-110 qn were simple any one can ans…around 10 qn data based..clear understnding reqiured..n sm qns which were really tough..conecpt chahiye…d rest qns were determining…though sm qns wich were pretty tough..so over all its a mixed paper..revise ur class notes if posible..no way out

n one thing i want to make clear…n qn distribution is nt xact as given in d brochure….maxm no of qns from micro …spm …n biochemistry..vry less qns from medicine n surgery…

there were many qs which i could answer from the appendix given in kalam

For me the exam was tough.. there were around 15 repeats.. about 100 questions are purely simple.. abt 10 qs data based .. to get the rest i shud read a lot ..

i gave the evening paper today…. being a fresher…. i found the paper quite difficult for me…. and i fear next year even with a year of coaching i might not be able to find it very easy because the questions were mostly data based… percentages.. genetics.. lots of physiology and biochem.. three or four clinical based queries… nothing much from surgery.. medicine.. paedia.. around twenty questions were very easy and basic.. things i had read during my ug days but too hard to recall as of now.. some ques were unheard of.. i felt like i was playing kbc.. lol.. hot seat and all.. would have been nice if they focussed more on management of patients and clinical aspect.. mugging up base factuals is of no real use !

overall the paper was tough acc to me..some qs were so easy that anyone would be able to answer,some were moderate and rest needed really entensive reading..many facts and numbers asked..dont think they asked from any particular prev papers..looked like they’d made new questions from textbooks..all the best to the ones yet to give exam..dis neet is based a lot on luck factor!!!

they can ask facts n figures from any corner of any book.. and come up with new ques every time.. how would it be possible for us to remember all d numbers n dates n names of scientists wich are nt even so significant.. its like testing medical general knowledge.. shudnt more attention be paid to clinical management and illnesses… and what if they change the pattern again next year.. we land up being guinea pigs dis year and next year is uncertain.. so we should be prepared for everything..

ya i totally agree…dats wat neet pattern was initally said to be like..more clinically oriented questions..but now what is going to prevail is only mugging and luck…it will take another 5 years to mug all all the facts from various textbooks..jus one hope for this year is that everyone’s sailing in the same boat.. icon_smile.gif

questions 4m basics of every subject
2options easy 2 rule out bt ultimate confusion in remaining 2 as they
r vry close….
subject buks cover major part…
bt still cant ignore rattofying al nos….
try 2 revise any compiled charts b4 xm..
n there r few wich v hear first time in xm hall only…
overall cant say wats gonna happen…

according me paper was tough… u need concept to attempt the questions…….

according 2 me..today’s evening time NEET exam was nt very tough..but i found 15-20 Q very tough…MK/Aa and ACROSS se repeat tha..almost 20 qs.. ..5-6 frm DNB guide..baki..ka pata nahi..mere se almost 8-10 qstns silly mistake aur lack of revision se vgalat hue..icon_sad.gif

gave evening dec session…. for a well prepared student…200 is easily attainable… mine was average performance…!… m getting really scared bout cut off… when people in other forum use to say 80% needed for clinical… i used to nt believe…. but after my session…. i think.. above 190 must to be within 3000 rank…!.. m nt trying to scare anyone… but this ia wat i felt…. i also might nt be able to score above 180- 190…. icon_cry.gif

1st pm session:
98% one liner, rest 2/3.
BASIC, & only Basic.
But not at all easy to make most of them correct.
1st & 2nd prof stressed.
Numerical 7-8. every line in a text can be Q: in this pattern

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