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NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on Dec 1 Morning Session

December 1, 2012

Session was average… few repeats from kalam. Few clinical questions. Over all basic knolage of subjects required. Subject wise was very help full . And as expected ratta questions were there.

very tough questions in the morning session of 1st dec……questions were beyond expectation and no repeats from any of the standard books…..very few easy questions which even a non-medico can answer easily icon_confused.gif

I gave the paper today. i just finished my internship in late July… and suffered from virql hepatitis thereafter… so i wasn’t well prepared… but i am an FMG. i had read too much for the FMGE last year…
The paper today was not much difficult as compared to FMGE… Overall not at all difficult(if u look at the gross score). Vey impressed with PROMETRIC and NBE… This is how the arrangement and the paper should be! Rather than asking questions on rare and unheard topics that only geniuses can crack…. OR repeats which any fool mugger can answer correctly… Though there was a lack of clinical q’s, the difficulty level of the paper was easy to moderate… great arrangements at the centr too!
Enjoyed the experience

1st dec morning was very tough..

Gave todays morning session. no repeats from mk/aa . all oneliner questions. God knows what & where from one should study for neetpg. At first look paper seems easy as the topics are common & and heard before. But when you want to click the ans. the main game begins.

today morning paper was ok…. it had a few basic (very basic) questions….. n some named things (dat i ve not heard of , dunno abt others) …… no change in pattern, same basic one liners…

Guys ,just given NEET examine 1st dec,today’s paper was real tough .some 40 percent straight forwards but rest 60 percent not able to cum at def answer and really weird.anyway best of luck for therest of people.

guys ill tell u about todays paper….1)all are one liners except 4-5..2)just max of 3-4 clinical questions 3)8-10 numerical question 4)physiology,pharmac,medicine played important role 5)not a single question from clinical stages of carcinomas 6)very few repeats from past dnb papers max of 5-6 i guess 7)as usual irritating questions played an important role…..overall its an average paper but not definitely easy…..

i gave the exam in today’s morning session……questions were quite tough…….few basic qstns were there which anyone can answer and few were unheard of…..rest of the questions were from simple topics but with twisted options to choose……some questions were very confusing……very few repeats from any other mcq books (subject wise or else)…..cant guess about cut off

ok i cant disclose the questions but there were question on anti psychotics , anticancer both from appendix, que on PHC, cardiac plexus was repeat from past papers. I wish I could discuss the questions there were easily 10-15 direct repeats. And another 10 or so from explanation and appendix.There were questions with numbers in options as usual but believe me in this paper 75-80% is highly attainable.

Today’s paper was average type.some are very easy which any one can answer.2 questions were direct repeats from kalam, some were indirect repeats from aiims.50 questions were very basic in which you may get confused.3-4 questions were data based.some are also unknown.so don’t waste time in reading questions,. read the explanations, text as much as you can.Overall the paper was good but not easy.

I gave my exam today in d mrng session …today’s subbjects of choice were spm …physiology….pathology …questions were of factual content like integrins…inflammatory mediators …questions regarding imheritence of disease AD or AR or x linked …questions frm anesthesia were easy …paper was definitely not easy …baring weird unheard things others were from basics …

i would suggest read kalam explanations,revise explanations of Mk/AA….paper not very difficult.much below aipgmee level.

for me the paper was tough..few repeats were there,they had covered the basic subjects .confusing questions were there.any way,i wish best of luck to all others.

paper very tricky and largely based on luck
u can attempt 100 question even with ur basic knowledge
abt 50 questions were good
50 were pure ratta
40 were purely on luck
exam based largely on luck
luck playing very gr8 role to decide ur rank and seat
worse possible exam



paper was tough guys….no std topics repeat…

today’s paper was quite tough..most of dem r memory based q..some repeats frm kalam r there but with different options..some weird q on ortho..srgry, pharma and anaesthesia q were easy.. but anatomy q were a bit uncommon..may its my wkness over anatomy..but over all it was a tough q paper than d dnb paper i gave on 17th evening..and i m still confused about ranking system..my best frnd gave his exam on 26 th..and his paper was quite easy dan mine.. dnt know wat is dis raw marks all about.. will dey make d rank on daily percentile basis?or else we r gone.. icon_sad.gif icon_sad.gif

hi i gave today morning sessions…..belive me….150+ shud be scord in dis papr…..qs wer from kalam/mk/n sum from aa…repeats wer few….i guess der wer less terminology …paper was gud….as once who studied prop must score 200+ wis few guesses and luck…..i made mistakes…wid 10 esy qs…..gudluck guys read notes n xplanation rather than only qs….gudluck

1 dec morn VERY VERY TOUGH



100 WITH 200 icon_evil.gif icon_evil.gif icon_evil.gif

I have also gave the exam today but didn’t find many repeats.2 questions were direct repeats from dnb papers & some indirect repeats maximum 10-15.

paper was not easy…only 5-6 repeats from kalam…50%questions..ok achievable…but that not easy…some 8 uestions were value based….over all…tough paper

paper was average not too tough not too easy but more confusing.
chance for making mistake is more with close by options.
8-10 value based questions,few repeats.
if prepared well with mk,aa and kalam can do well but theory is more imp than questions.

to those who claim paper was tough let me tell you what’s a tough paper I gave last AIPGEE 2012, that was a tough paper, 300 que in 3 1/2 hrs, with 1/4th negative marking. Compared to that yesterdays paper was a cake.I’m not saying I’ll score 80% but out of all the students giving the exams many will. I had recalled few questions around 150-155 should be correct. And I have made some really silly mistakes where I changed the ans in last few minutes. If you claim 100 questions were easy/basic out of 240 then how can you say the paper was tough ??? it’s an all India exam without negative marking you cant get 60-75% easy questions !!!! I have recommended all my college friends to go through past Dnb papers before going for exam. sorry if you find it false and misleading please don’t do Kalam the other alternative is all subject wise books as some have recommended, but I cant do that in last 3-4 days if you can do that nothing is better. Go do all subjectwise MCQ books. Best of Luck with that.

ya,me too made silly mistake by changing answer and getting confused b/w similar looking option,though paper was average and 150 is quite acheviable,i feel bad about making such mistake,its like even though you know the answer still marking it wrong.
Now dont know what to do if i dont clear the exam.
my biggest suggestion to those going for exam is the option you marked 1st is the best avoid changing it.

paper wuz not easy !! few topics looked familiar but answers are tricky !! i agree with the LUCK factor…does not require coaching …purely based on ur GK, instinct and luck !!

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