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PGI to manage security of Dec 8 MD/MS exam on its own

November 29, 2012

After the refusal of the UT police to provide female security staff for the upcoming re-examination for MD/MS courses at the PGIMER, now the institute is toying with the idea of managing the exam with the help of a private security agency.

According to PGI officials, for the exam to be held on December 8, they are going all-out to ensure that this time, the exam is conducted without any hitch.

Says Dr Amod Gupta, dean, PGIMER, “We will be able to manage everything right from the security to the invigilation and the exam will be conducted smoothly. If the police cannot provide security, we will take care of that.”

Also, no candidate will be allowed entry into the exam centers after 9.30 am, half an hour prior to the exam, he added.

Sources also say that PGI authorities are also purchasing at least a dozen metal detectors on its own to be used on the day of the examination. Already, PGI authorities have invited tenders for bug detectors, jammers etc to be installed at the all the 10 examination centres across the city.

On November 10, in the absence of any female security staff at the centres, none of the female candidates were frisked.

Later, when the CBI staff raided the centres, seven female candidates were found to be dummy candidates, who were used to transmit the questions outside and were wearing special clothes with gadgets stitched inside their clothes.

Ironically, even though the instructions for the examination held on November 10 read that there would be frisking at the centres by the security staff or police personnel, only at a few centres was frisking done and that too, only for male candidates.

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