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NEET-PG: Reviews from test-takers on November 29

November 29, 2012

Given 29th morning. Its tough. Somebody saying its easy. I dont agree with this. About 100 out of 240 its easy but rest are tough. To answer some tough questions you have to read extensively. 10+ are numeric out of them 3-4 are just beyond thinking. I think only people are remember the easy 100 one and saying its easy however rest are think and give me the feedback.


Data based numericals were asked.


there were few simple questions which anybody could ans……..many data based questions….but pls go through the kalam previous papers….if not direct questions u may find indirect repeats not many of course but u know each single mark is imp………..i felt it was waste of reading pulse…no repeats from those books….questions were not at all conceptual….these single liners are so deadlier………..


it s very tough today morning session… icon_sad.gif icon_sad.gif :: its becoming tough day by day.. only one liner questions…


simply spreading panic…it was good paper today compared to 26 afternoon and 27 morning….how can u say “its getting togher day by day”…have u been writing NEET exams daily??


Thoda tough tha…dnb papers se thode direct r indirect repeat the…


all t best for those who havent given neet yet…
..tdy paper was tough than dnb atleast.
10-15 rpts but u hv to read text well to get through


I dont understand why people are saying that todays paper is easy. I think there are just familiar with the question only not the answer. more than 50% question are just need extensive study otherwise you would miss the boat.10 + question are numeric. You guy are very aware that numeric answer are ever-changing day by day. You can easily miss the answer.


i fully agree with u bro….hardly 10 to 15 rpts. way tougher than dnb


Hell of a paper!!!!! all Q look like being read or heard during ur preparations but when it comes to answering them and the options…….u feel not at all confident..difficulty increasing day by day i suppose…


To say in one line -paper was very tough compared to the standards of wot ppl were expecting.nothing like dnb.one liners very few.clinical type questions meaning not d clinical scenarios based completely but yes based on patient presentations.few questions around 8-9 were cmpltly unanswerable.unlike dnb where evry ques s answerable.all in all as PG Times predicts..its gettin tougher i guess day by day.


exactly very well said yaar…… i had given neet today….i felt very tough indeed… esp the answers were lengthy and confusing, … few spelling mistakes for blood they ve printed as food … and ofcourse numeric’s…a few clinical type questions, more questions came from physio and biochem i think….


i gave exam today and felt paper was above average..more on tougher side..overall 30-35 repeats including both direct n indirect repeats..but better than my prev dnb exam..but not that bad as i was expecting..so hoping for best afterall..


paper waz tough today morning session…..not as expected…some clinical problems were there……many value based questions….luck will play a major role in rank list in this kind of exam format


i gave evening session…
numericals are easy..
i think you should not doubt your first answer..
cost me staggering 20 questions
best of luck for those who are yet to give


paper today evening was a mix of known and unknown..God help in such kind of paper..totally unpredictable.. icon_confused.gif


29 2nd session very tough.


29th second session was tough.. Few repeat from kalam, around 10….



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