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DNB CET: Reviews from test-takers on Nov 19 Afternoon Session

November 20, 2012

there was hardly any repeats.most r new oneliners.everything to be remembered.nothing clinical.overall the paper was tough.

19th aft was pretty tough….quite a few repeats but tonnes of new obscure one liners

I could harldly find some 8 repeats.. no use in reading kalam books… only thing useful in it is appendix with enough mistakes.. icon_redface.gif

ya u rt papr was bit toughr side i think…. dnt knw what to do what to read icon_redface.gif icon_redface.gif

almos 15-20 rpts frm kalam..bt those r qns which u cn get f rm ny buk..

its a mix paper of hard and easy questions not so much dito repeats natboard is taking memory test of doctors icon_wink.gif

The paper was quite tough man…

repeats very few and far in between!few workoutable.overall just about average paper!dint go too well.missed few easy ones as well icon_sad.gif

hardly 6 7 repeats.rest all questions were of mixed type ie we have heard it somewhere but we couldnt reach at the correct answer. i think we should concentrate more on the textbooks rather than mugging up mcq books. dont know what happen for neet.

Guys i had worked both kalam and bhatia from year 2000… I found sooo many repeat questions for the noon session on19th… And im no agent…fyi

direct repeats were very less, less than 15 from kalam , i think dnb person has read the kalams appendix , so he clearly made questions so that they cant be attempted just by reading the kalam book

repeats were not 4m only kalam book,if u take any book you r bound to see those topics,so if u read plat notes/roams/sure success/mk+aa ———————- all contains the topics.so credit cant be given to kalam only.
rather i think read subjects with conception that will only help.

was totally upset after giving ma test, icon_sad.gif how many memory based qs can a medico remember, i guess thats wat nbe ppl r after ,those qs are like unless u revise them b4 exam very well u r bound to mark it wrong out of confusion, thats wat happend to me, mug up as much as u can n vomit out in xm!!!!!! repeats were there but very few 10 or so, but these repeats wont get u a good rank .

I think the repeats were not frm last 4 years but older DNB papers. Noone can read everything its best to stick to what you are doing and leave the rest to luck.

i wrote 19th mornin paper
it ws tough
few repeats 5 to 10 i guess
thy hd askd bout sum jobless fellow who did sum jobless procedure for ctev
i don understand wat d hell v r gonna do wid such facts??
thy have made our lives a puzzle
stupid nbe ppl

i felt like some 100 odd were easy one
30 questions were frm repeat topics but very volatile topics and rare ones
50 were real tough one, questions which our luck would decide how many we get them correct
this my opinion, may not exactly reflect the exam pattern
abt kalam, i did not get to read that book but still i did not feel much of diff frm other guys who read it may be for 1 or 2 questions. otherwise it was ok
overall paper was a balanced one wid luck factor playing a very crucial role
hope neet is not going to follow this

d exam was one liner memory based agreed…bt it ws micro one liners lik wich disease caused by wich microbe…or aby biochem enzymes or anat bldy supply…nw all dis is given in kalam appendix n questions…some questions were twisted lik ans was asked n ques was d answer frm old dnb…it ws memory based….bt it wsnt dat tough..

culture media,terms coined in psychiatry,enzyme defects in carbs, psm poisons produced by fungus…dis repeat stuff constituted 30 almost so rather den readin random i advised ppl who r to give exm today to jz go thru que ans..coz atlest dat wil make sure to get 20 + que rite n it does matter…

very much luck based exam… All one liners.. Hardly 2 questns were of 2lines.. All memory based… Don’t kno what r they expecting from us-.. About 100 Questions were easily answerable,.. Rest include alien questions, other universe questions.. Donno kaha se aaya tha woh signs ,dis n syndromes, of these 2 – 3 numericals were really horrible…
One who got his flukes rite is gng to get thru, n ifnot don’t expect gud result… Getting flukes rite for sum 5 alien questions is definitely more valuable than answering 10 standard ones… Definitely some 15-20 repeat were there but they don’t fetch u a gud rank as every one gonna answer them…
// GETTING UR FLUKES RITE IS MORE IMP THAN UR PREPARATION..even tho ur well prepared without luck,sum dummy fellow definitely gonna beat u in the result…///

lot of numericals,tough

no chance at all…i have given the june session of dnb an that time there were repeats,,infact more than 40..but yesterday afternoon it was hardly 15..and that too the screwwed up ones..
worst part of havin such a paper s that you tend to get ur easy questns also wrong…i totally screwed up yesterday….donno what to read 4 neeet icon_sad.gif

Man I don’t know what do you do, but anybody who appeared for this dnb wud not speak like this.
Mafucci synd, zuskas ds, kasai operation , kauros ds these are cases u see in wards right? which ward man ?- I am ready to work there as ward boy.
Listen harrison isn’t a pg level text book , many students follow it as reference text book bcoz its authentic.
In professional streams we don’t have book like class-5 , class-6.
Better ask any of your beloved junior spl one who appeared 19th morning dnb part 1 batch – u wud understand aiims- aipg are nothing but blessings compare to this crap.

19th noon paper was balanced one guys……..
no much repeats,,,,,
hardly 5 to i guess……..

not testing knowledge,…….but purely memory……
nothing to do with such questions.waste….
kalam books wont help us ……none of the books we raed wil help us …….
only luck factor plays a dominant role here……
dont get disappointed with such foolish Qs….
just read ……..find ur rhythm ……..
rare n useless things are being asked ,,,,,,,
purposeless Qs…….
if NEET contains such Qs……standards wil fall for sure….
anyway all the best guys……..


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