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Exam to be held in 2nd week of Dec

November 18, 2012

Calling it a “precautionary measure”, the PGI, Chandigarh, today declared that the MD/MS entrance examination will be rescheduled in the second week of December as the examination held on November 10 has been cancelled following a scam unearthed by the CBI during the examination.

The Dean of the PGI, Dr Amod Gupta, said the 7,000 candidates who had appeared in the examination on November 10 will not have to apply afresh for the examination and the admit cards issued earlier would be considered valid for the rescheduled examination.

“It is yet to be ascertained as to how many beneficiaries of the scam were there among the 7,000 candidates who took the examination. We cannot afford to let any of the defaulters escape the vigil. Under such a situation, it was decided to reschedule the exam as we cannot take any risk,” said Dr Amod Gupta.

Dr Gupta said the documents submitted by the candidates during the registration were being examined individually. “We are scrutinising the documents of each applicant. Those appearing to be suspicious will be cross-checked,” he said.

A senior PGI official said the new date for the examination will be announced within a day or two after the institute received confirmation from the centres. The date will be declared on the PGI’s website: pgimer.nic.in.

While the PGI had earlier declared that it was not a case of paper leak, today it indicated the possibility of paper leak while announcing the cancellation of the exam.

Info to be sent on email

Each candidate would be informed about the new date of the examination via telephone and email once the scrutiny of the documents was over, said the PGI Dean, Dr Amod Gupta.

Same exam format

The format of the paper will remain the same, i.e. multiple choice questions. “The PGI is a government institution and such changes cannot be introduced overnight. Such decisions are taken by a statutary body.” 

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