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DNB CET: Reviews from test-takers on 17 Nov Afternoon Session

November 18, 2012

Paper is tough only few r repeats they r not helpful to make a gud rank………textbook based paper

few repeats but overall okay!

so true man…todays papr was bad…only arnd 10 repeats frm kalam…yests papr was much btr…i suppose… icon_cry.gif

i agree..paper was very tough..n textbook based..no guides will help..from the questions you could make out they r picked up straight from park,harrison etc.

very few repeats..hardly 7-8direct questions.. and ONE LINERS…….ONE LINERS……..ONE LINERS……

easy for freshers
tough for repeaters>2year oldy…..me too….
so- so for coaching takers
but toppers will be freshers

One liner only…… not clinical based

u review ur questions, u r bound to change answers of almost 50percent of reviewd questions…beauty of cmputer based test….knowledge based..no cncept or application…read mug up..retain in brain n vomit just that..if u even look at other options u will forget the answer n mark something else that seems as correct as the right answer !! Grrr..!!

very easy paper …..32 repeats …. no much value …i may score 150 plus…

i agree… straight picks from textbooks which we repeaters think to be too trivial to be asked for a national level exam like this.. no clinical scenarios, no pics.. no “hot topics”… almost all questions were random picks from the books.. hardly any repeats as far as i know… trivandrum,17th afternoon session.

questions were 50-60% touch 20-30% standard 10% very easy
text book based questions
good for freshers
fact and value based
kalam reviw must read..u wiil get few repaets
roams is good
but text books are the key
and question standard varies with every session

It was relatively easy and there were alot of repeats … All repeat topics but since they were one liners, either u know it or u Dnt!

Unlike yesterday there were no data based questions, ishad Aggrawal did help alot!

17th afternoon session also was tough…hardly got 5-8 repeats from kalam…there were no anaesth qns also ortho only 1 qn…PSM qns were tough..few data based qns were there…

I wrote on 17th AN …no ditto repeats from kalam.some repeats from their appendices.
Most of the Questions were from the depth of the subject.aa/mk ll help a little.subject wise books will help a lot.
Many unfamiliar names,values were there.
But last 3 sessions were filled wth nice numb of kalam repeats.so i dont think there is much use in gathering previous sessions questions.
NBE added a lot of questions to their question bank.so they are ready for the neet. . .

i felt it tough


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