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DNB CET: Reviews from test-takers on Nov 17

November 17, 2012

Today given exam very tough overall.hardly 5% repeat,max new Q.
any pg guide will not help u.
textbooks only can help u.
read whatever u want.
overall natboard showing us their standard in stupid way.
my self opinion is tougher than aiims n all india pattern.
single liners aaya to aaya nahi to gaya.
no logic,not conceptuals Q.
best luck to everyone.

a few were repeats..kalam nd its appendices might b helpful only to sum extent..anyways best of luck guys

It was moderate and only very few repeats… concentrate in PSM

tough..few repeats..I saw most of the ques in numericals..how people can able to revice al those numbers b4 exam?gt irritated after seeng the ques papervery less repeats…abv average papr….irritatin… all memory based ques..

Total memory based paper. 1st session. Very few repeats. All one liners. All or none type questions. Hardly 5 clinical questions. Lots of anatomy and BIOCHEM and community medicine questions. Hardly anything from short clinical subjects. Applying logic is strictly prohibited.

Paper was descent, had good no. of anatomy questions,
Checking and formalities were exhaustive, even handkerchief and water bottles also not allowed.
Deviations, distractions whatever you call were less as in aiims and ai (including tea, snacks of invigilators and their gossips sometimes), also they minimises external factors such as noise of vehicles passing by( sometimes some local band passing by) & they take exam in closed room so nullifying effect of wind and subrays.
Overall got feel of exam after lot much years.
Overall experience was excellent.

Today’s paper was easy.
Lot of repeat TOPICS.
U can rule out 2 options easily other 2 confusing.
My advise is, go through Kalam que-ans as it wil guaranty u around 30que.
There werent many numericals today.
All d best frnds.

paper waz not difficult typical dnb pattern….20 odd questions which decide ur fate…..others eveyone can answer…..this kind of paper doesnot check ur basics…..luck really matters…..

there were around 40% repeats… all theoretical one liners except 4 to 5 clinical based questions. kalam appendix is useful, do go thru it.

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