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PGI paper leak: CBI remand of 15 accused extended

November 16, 2012

A local court extended the CBI remand of 15 persons accused in the PGIMERMD/MS entrance exam leak scam by two days on Thursday. The CBI special counsel stated that they had procured the documents on the basis of which decoy candidates had applied for the exam from PGIMER authorities and they would need to take the accused to Hyderabad to ascertain the source of the documents and details of the attestation authority. According to the CBI, the accused have not revealed the identity of the actual beneficiaries and the amount charged from them.

“We have recovered four tablets from the possession of the accused but we ascertained the source of only one tablet. The accused have not revealed other details like identities of the actual beneficiaries, amount received and how the money was utilized. We have also seized five inner jackets and are yet to ascertain their source,” CBI special counsel P K Dogra, said while hearing the case in court on Thursday.

“We got documents of the decoy candidates from PGIMER and now we will ascertain from where these supporting certificates, attached with application form, came. We will also see from where these documents were attested and we might need to go to Hyderabad to collect more evidence,” he said.

The defence counsel argued that CBI sleuths were unnecessarily harassing the accused, who include eight women. “The CBI has interrogated the accused for four days and they claim that the devices were purchased by the kingpin. So what is the need for further remand for the other accused? They have already done intensive interrogation and have collected all the evidence available with the accused. Therefore, further remand should be denied,” one of the defence counsels averred.

The defence counsel also accused the CBI of denying them a copy of the FIR and remand paper, thereby hampering their case. “Despite many pleas, CBI has not provided us the copy of the FIR and remand papers. Since we are contesting the case on behalf of our client, we have the right to get access to them. We are unable to move further in the absence of these,” Anil Bhai, one of the defence lawyers contended.They were asked to apply for these documents in court.

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