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DNB CET: Reviews from test-takers on Nov 16

November 16, 2012

According to me questions were not very classic. there were around 10-20 repeats from kalam , no direct repeat from MK & AA. the question were numerical based eg % or values or half lives etc. plus some named signs and syndromes were asked lot of Biochem/Anatomy were asked. Don’t go without doing Kalam.

Many questions with named sign and % or numbers in option really difficult to explain without eg. but I hope you’ll get it….plus guys go through Kalam at least 20% wll come from it, AA and MK will take care of theory but no direct repeat from there.

Exam was not at all easy…I gave the exam on 13th aug and the paper was too easy compared to what i had today…!!! revise Anatomy, Biochem and Obg…know it in and out.

Todays paper full of numerical values

I cannot reveal the questions as per nbe non disclosure agreement but can only say that questions were one liners..

Yes, some questions were repeats

Amit ashish and mudit khanna not very helpful….

Some of the questions were direct one liners… but few were quite over the top… cant find them in regular pg books.

About 10 – 12 questions 4m kalam.

Classic Questions… but with more of values asked

Intially they check all ur details(Admit card,mci reg(must) valid id card.they ll send u person who checks all ur belongings n giv token for tat.den u need to encounter a section wre they take photo of u via webcam n fingerprint.then dey provide u wid a system.u can relax for 30 mins(min ll b dre for u). 180 ques r dre! starts wid tutorial 15 mins.b4 tat u hav to enter ur reg no n username n password(which the staffs ll do it for u) test pattern as usual as u hav seen in prac test.u hav lot of time to complete paper unlike aipge.can review ques at any time.Prometric maintain sys well so almost no prob of hanging.aft finishing d test u need to submit feed back of d exam.then u can leave.

And exam was mostly typical repeats…waskinda easy for all I think….atleast thats wat I heard from my centre…..

I guess todays exam was easy and mostly repeats from previous dnb questions…….i don know how the next day goes….¬†hopefully the same goes with neet….. easy paper for the ones taking on first day…

I think doing MK and AA was very helpful for me today. i find questions were of standard level , though few direct repeats . paper was good

Lot of q frm contraceptives. all factuals. read psm thoroughly. i cant tell questions but there were definetely indirect repeats from this years may aiims and kadam publications. majority q were simple rule outs. best luck to all.

dnb kalam ll surely help..specially 2012 supplyment…

Exam centre Future Institute kolkata was a breeze…very properly organised…no hassles whatever..I didnt have MCI registration…Original of screening test (foreign graduate) and the acknowledgement of MCI was sufficient..passport and admit card too….no attested photocopy required…they did not even take the photocopy..giving the exam on computer was far better than OMR..prometric is professional…Question level ok…nothing very heavy..all basics..some questions were the kind u cannot prepare for…either u know it or u dont….

so many questions repeated from d concepts of usmle pretest….n around 50 to 70 questions r direct repeats of jipmer omkarnath….around 70 were new questions clinical oriented….well planned paper for today evening session…
one of my frds reported dis.


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