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Gang of cheats spent lakhs on gadgets, logistics

November 13, 2012

The gang involved in the now-busted PGI entrance exam cheating racket not only used high-tech gadgets but also spent lakhs of rupees to put its plan into action. CBI sources assert that the kingpin P Gurivi Reddy spent at least Rs. 2 lakh on travel since some of those involved reached the city by air.

A huge amount was also spent on booking of rooms at hotels across the city, where “base camps” for the ‘operation cheating’ were set up. The gadgets were procured not only from New Delhi, but even abroad.

Meanwhile, experts believe that since Reddy has come up with an ingenious way of cheating in exams, and use the same modus operandi in future as well, authorities holding examinations would have to come up with foolproof methods to check him as well as those of his ilk. Metal detectors and thorough frisking of candidates was needed at competitive examination centers, they pointed out.

It is pertinent to mention here that Reddy was apprehended after a similar racket in medical examination held in Hyderabad in 2010 came to the fore. Reddy came out on bail and again indulged in the malpractice, this time in north India.

PGI officials asserted that such people should be handed out strict punishment and not let off easily since they play with the future of bright students.

“Reddy has come up with a near-perfect modus operandi and he just needs to buy hi-end equipment and get together some people; the gang will again be ready to strike,” remarked a doctor.

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