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Gang used latest tech to leak PGIMER question paper

November 12, 2012

The gang of 15, which was arrested from different examination centres in Chandigarh on Saturday, was using the hottest technology means to leak out the MD/MS entrance examination question papers of the PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Led by P Guirivi Reddy, the gang was using mobile applications to deliver the pictures of question papers — in high resolution font – to subject experts sitting in Patna and Hyderabad. After solving the question papers, experts were mailing the answers to touts in a hotel in Sector 35, Chandigarh, and they were further dictating the answers to actual beneficiaries in the exam halls.

“Seven women, who were arrested from the examination halls, were carrying smart phones with latest data transfer applications. They had set the phones on camera stand-by mode and just clicked the pictures of the question paper as soon as they got it. Within seconds, the pictures were automatically transferred to a specific folder that could be accessed from anywhere by using a particular user name and password,” said a CBI official, who was present when the accused were produced before a magistrate on Sunday evening.

“Three to four subject experts, who were sitting in Patna and Hyderabad, accessed this data from their individual laptops. Thereafter, the experts mailed the answers to other accused in Chandigarh and from there they were dictating the answers to actual beneficiaries in the exam halls. We are trying to locate the internet protocol (ip) addresses of these laptops as it would help us ascertain the exact location of the accused,” he added.

CBI sources said the whole process – from clicking the question paper pictures to the receiving of answers – was completed within 15 to 20 minutes. The subject experts already had answers for various questions ready with them in advance.


Seven women, in their early twenties, walk into the examination centres equipped with smart phones (in silent mode) having latest data transfer applications

The mobiles are on camera stand-by mode and they click photos of the question papers

With the help of the mobile application, the pictures are transferred into a specific folder which can be accessed from anywhere

These folders are accessed by subject experts sitting in Patna and Hyderabad by using specific user name and password

The experts mail the answers to touts sitting in Chandigarh, who further dictate them to actual beneficiaries in the exam halls. Beneficiaries leave their mobile phones’ bluetooth option ‘on’ and listen the answers through micro ear-phones

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