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From exam centre to operation table

November 12, 2012

While putting on the sophisticated Bluetooth device for cheating in the PGI entrance exams for MD course, one of the aspirants, who was caught cheating today, would have hardly imagined that she would land at the operation table.

C Namitha, the candidate who was caught using the Bluetooth device, was rushed to PGI for surgery as the device impacted into the auditory canal of her ear. The girl was rushed to the ENT department where she underwent a minor surgery.

“The device was pushed in her ear as it got stuck in the auditory canal. Though the surgery did not take long, the doctors were being extra careful as the device was small in size,” said an official.

The CBI officials kept on waiting and took her into custody as soon as she was wheeled out of the operation theatre. While she was caught at around 11.30 in the morning, she was taken to the PGI for surgery at around 3.30 pm. She was caught using the device at DAV, Sector 15, one of the 11 examination centres of the PGI.

A total of 7,000 students had appeared in the MD entrance examination in the city. The officials confirmed that since it was a case of cheating and not paper leak, the examination would not be rescheduled.

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