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NEET-PG also on Nov 24

October 18, 2012
National Board of Examinations
Dated : October 18th, 2012

Subject : Introduction of November 24th, 2012 as Testing Day for NEET-PG.
It is hereby informed that the NEET-PG scheduled to be conducted from 23rd November to 6th December 2012 will now also be conducted on 24th November 2012 (which was earlier a non-testing day).
Test Seats for NEET-PG will be available for 24th November 2012 (forenoon session), at all test centers in 33 cities from 09.30am onwards on 19th October 2012.
Applicants may visit the registration link at website http://www.nbe.gov.in/neetpg to schedule their test center and dates for NEET-PG.
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