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PGI set to introduce paediatric radiology course from next year

October 1, 2012

To fill a vacuum of trained doctors in Paediatric radiology, PGIMER is set to introduce a fellowship program in the subject by next year. Officials in the department of Radio-diagnosis said the premier medical institute’s academic committee has already approved two seats for a Paediatric radiology fellowship and a final approval is awaited from the PGI governing body.

Owing to the lack of specialists, many times exposure to radiation even for clinical purposes can lead to leukaemia and other cancers at a later stage in children, said Dr N Khandelwal, head, department of Radio-diagnosis, PGIMER, during a press conference here on Friday. He added that at PGIMER, on an average 80 children, below the age of 12 years, visit the department for CT scans done every week. “Paediatric radiology is a novel sub-specialty in the field of radiology for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children. It is important to remember that children are not miniature adults and their ailments are different from grown up individuals. It is also very pertinent to keep the radiation dose during the imaging to as low as possible in order to reduce the risk of radiation to the paediatric patient population,” Dr Khandelwal said.

The improvement of imaging modality and other technical advancements have widened the diagnostic range for paediatric radiologists, he added.

Meanwhile, the department of Radio-diagnosis and Imaging, Post graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh is organising the 10th annual conference of the Indian Society of Paediatric Radiology (ISPR) from September 29-30.

For the purpose, a pre-conference symposium on Paediatric Neuroradiology was held at PGI on Friday. A post conference Alumni Meet will also be held on October 1. Through the conference, experts will deliberate on the present status of paediatric radiology in India vis-a-vis the global scenario, and will further strengthen and consolidate the field in the national context. The focus of the conference will be on recent advances and innovations in technology and techniques related to paediatric radiology. The highlights of the conference include sessions on paediatric neuroradiology and interventions

The conference is expected to be attended by over 300 delegates including postgraduate students from various medical colleges, practising radiologists of the region and radiologists from neighbouring countries like Nepal. The invited faculty includes eminent national radiologists from all over the country and international faculty from USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Dr. Sunil Puri will deliver the Prof. M.V.K Shetty Memorial Oration on “Congenital anomalies of hepatopancreatico biliary system-clinical implications” and Dr. Bhavin Jankharia will deliver the Dr. Arcot Gajraj Memorial Oration on “The challenge of paediatric radiology in India”.

The second alumni meet of the department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging and the second Dr. Sodhi Memorial Oration will also be held October 1.The oration will be delivered by Dr. Vikram Dogra, Professor of Radiology at University of Rochester Medical Centre, Rochester, New York, USA on “Photo – acoustic imaging- new frontiers in imaging”.

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