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Medical council to strip foreign undergraduate docors of MD tag

August 29, 2012

The Tamil Nadu State Medical Council has decided that it will no longer allow undergraduate degree holders from countries like Russia to affix MD (medicine) along with their names. Over the last six months, the university had received many complaints saying such degrees were misleading.

Many countries award MD degrees in undergraduate medical education. The MCI has declared that these are equivalent to Indian MBBS degrees. Earlier, when these students registered with state councils for practice, they were allowed to use MD (medicine) along with the name of the country where they were awarded the degree on their display boards and on visiting cards. “This can be misleading. In India, only post-graduate degrees are MD. So far, we mentioned their degrees were equivalent to MBBS but that was in smaller print. Academicians and doctors will figure this out, but it will be difficult for patients. They are MBBS doctors and should be called so,” said state medical council president Dr Prakasam.

On Saturday, the Tamil Nadu State Medical Council said it would register them only as MBBS doctors. “These students should use only MBBS as their degrees. The council will ask them not to use any other degrees henceforth,” he said. The council said fewer students from Tamil Nadu were going abroad for graduate courses in medicine. According to the Tamil Nadu State Medical Council, in the past three years there has been a 50% drop in the number of students graduating abroad and returning to the state to practice medicine or pursue postsgraduate courses.

In 2009, 245 students were registered with MD (medicine). It dropped to 177 in 2010 and to 113 in 2011. Council officials said they will issue letters to old graduates asking them to use MBBS as their qualification.

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