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Innovation lab launch to boost Bihar healthcare

April 20, 2012
Healthcare in rural Bihar may get a boost with the launch of Bihar Health Innovation Lab in Patna on Friday. The lab is set up by innovation consultancy firm Centre for Knowledge Societies (CKS), with support from the Bihar government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
“The lab will focus on technologies, products and services that will have a tremendous impact on public health in rural India,” said Aditya Dev Sood, the founder and CEO of CKS.
It will start out with a five point agenda. This will include the creation of a vaccine delivery kit, which will serve as a mobile workstation for midwives, replete with all the necessary tools. Sood said, “Our research shows us that such a product does not exist at present.”
The lab will also work towards creating patient health identity tokens. “We have imagined something along the lines of an amulet that a child can wear, which will have a Radio Frequency Identification chip that can retrieve the entire medical history of the patient. We want to create an indestructible token that can be worn by a child till the age of two. It can be put around a child’s neck,” Sood said.
The other innovations that the lab will focus on include partographs for labour process tracking – visual aids that will help pregnant women figure out how much time they have before they deliver the baby – and oxygen therapy, used when patients find it difficult to breathe and pass out.
“We will also design the administration of a Village Health and Nutrition Day across Bihar, in a bid to reach out to people living in the countryside” Sood said. He wants this occasion to be like a picnic where villagers can enjoy themselves and at the same time learn best practices in healthcare.
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