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Pancreatic pseudocyst

February 27, 2012

  • Pseudocysts occur in 10-20% cases of acute pancreatitis
  • Defined as a fluid collection with a well-defined nonepithelialized wall, occurring in response to extravasated enzymes that escape from the pancreas and break down tissue
  • Pseudocysts may develop in a variety of locations. MC site – Within pancreas or lesser sac. Other sites – Ant. pararenal space, mesentery, mediastinum, pelvis
  • Can dissect into adjoining organs like liver & spleen
  • USG – Well-defined cystic structures with increased acoustic enhancement
  • Hypoechoic or contain internal echoes/septations when hemorrhage/infection is present
  • Often take the contour of the space they occupy -> So their shape is variable
  • May be singular/multiple
  • Over time, the walls of a pseudocyst become thicker & calcifications may develop
  • Rupture occurs in 5% of cases –> Leads to peritonitis –> Carries a mortality rate of 50%
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