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Cheats take tech to exam hall, run into Delhi cops

January 13, 2012

The question paper had been captured on the smartphone and the Bluetooth had transmitted it to the “control room” for answers to be sent back but then the police burst onto the scene.
Five men, including a doctor and two MBAs, were arrested Sunday, unravelling a hi-tech plan to cheat in an all-India postgraduate medical exam test conducted by AIIMS.


A tip-off on Sunday morning — the exam day — saw a police team stop Mohit Choudhary, a second year MBBS student at a private college in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, at Pragati Maidan at around 10.30am.

“We recovered a 23-page question paper for an entrance test for doctors that was being conducted by All India Institute of Medical Science from Chaudhary,” said Ashok Chand, DCP (crime). Some 70,000 candidates were taking the exam at 156 centres at the time.

“The matter is under investigation. We’ve nothing to say,” said Dr YK Gupta, AIIMS spokesperson. The exam was not cancelled.https://i2.wp.com/www.hindustantimes.com/Images/HTEditImages/Images/10-01-12-metro1.jpg

Caught, the 23-year-old student led a police team to an exam centre in Noida sector 28 and two of his associates — Kapil Kumar and Krishan Pratap Singh, both 27. “Kumar and Singh had filed online applications for the test posing as doctors. They gave false MBBS registration numbers,” said Chand.

The duo, both MBAs, entered the exam hall with smartphones concealed in jacket sleeves, said Chand. Thirty minutes after the exam got underway, they emailed pictures of the test paper to Chaudhary through Bluetooth devices they had stitched into their shirts.

Chaudhary, who got the paper printed, was to take it to a house in Noida Sector 53 where the group had created a “control room” — power back-up, a Net connection and books to relay answers to five candidates.

“The candidates were to receive the answers through minute, Bluetooth-enabled earphones,” said Chand. One of them, Amit Puniya, was arrested from the Sector 28 exam centre. Each candidate was to pay the men between Rs 25 lakh and Rs 35 lakh after selection.

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