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Lateral Process Talus Fractures : SR Entrance Exam AIIMS

December 18, 2011

A 34-year-old male has persistent anterolateral ankle pain after a snowboarding injury 1 week ago and is unable to bear weight. Radiographs taken in the emergency room were negative. What is the next step in management?
B. Bone Scan
C. CT scan
D. Repeat radiographs

Ans.C. CT scan.

Lateral Process Talus Fractures

Occurrence: Common in snowboarders

Mechanism: Dorsiflexion, axial loading, inversion, and external rotation

Clinical features: Often misdiagnosed as ankle sprain. Presents as ankle sprain that is not improving after 6 weeks.

Radiographs – may be falsely negative

CT scan – should be performed when suspicion is high (snowboarder) and radiographs are negative

Bone scan – can also confirm diagnosis

MRI – can also confirm diagnosis

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