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RNTCP – New Logo

August 9, 2011

This new logo of RNTCP has been in use from World TB Day 2011(24th March 2011).

DOTS provides a sure cure for tuberculosis and is available free of cost to the patient. But the entire strategy to combat tuberculosis becomes ineffective if the patient does not have the will and patience to complete the course, which spans to 6-8 months. The visual icon of DOTS represents this major communication shift.
The visual icon, when deciphered, presents a graphic of human anatomy divided in two parts – half red and half orange. While the orange part symbolizes the diseased state, the red represents healthy metabolism. On the other level, the icon suggests a transition from the state of tuberculosis to a healthy life, which is the very promise of DOTS.

Rationale for new Logo
Approach to the Creatives is Two-Pronged:
1. Continuity 2. Change

1. Building on Existing Foundation
Through a consistent communication for over last six years, a lot of awareness has been created about tuberculosis – about its cause, symptoms and cure, as well as various misconceptions and stigmas attached to it. The net outcome is that today people are more educated about the disease and less people fear it now than was the case a few decades ago. By generating confi dence about DOTS as the sure cure for tuberculosis, the communication has ensured awareness that TB is not a death sentence and is curable.
While the expanse of awareness has widened to new scales and the communication has penetrated to deeper
levels, there are still areas of tuberculosis education that remain untouched. TB as a challenge has now assumed a new dimension in the form of MDR-TB (and XDR-TB) and co-infection with HIV. This needs a new thrust on the on the ongoing communication, building on the DOTS education that has been generated so far. It needs, at the same time, a strategic shift in the message to deal with these new complexities.

2. Change, with Continuity
To meet the emerging challenges regarding tuberculosis and its manifestations in the form of MDR TB, the
communication has been taken to a new level. The message ‘DOTS: Sure cure for TB’ has been given a logical
extension by saying;
‘DOTS: Pura course, pakka ilaaj’.
The element of ‘Hinglish’ is to bring some freshness into a communication that has been around for a long time. The visual element in the old logo has been retained for the new one, as the old logo had already successfully established a connect with communities.

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