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Mala-D and Mala-N – The basic difference

Mala-D: Made available to the consumer under social marketing at a price of Rs.3 per packet

Mala-N: Supplied free of cost through all PHCs, urban family centres, etc.

Composition: Same for both. Levonorgestrel-0.15 mg + Ethinyl oestradiol- 0.03mg

 Mala-D-Combination hormonal contraceptive

 Manufactured by Hindustan Latex Limited, Mala-D is a government owned brand of oral contraceptive pill and is provided at a subsidized price under the Contraceptive Social Marketing Program of the government. It is Social Marketed through HLFPPT (Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust).

 Molecule: Levonorgestrel & Ethinyloestradiol Tablets along with ferrous fumerate.

 Composition: Each film coated white colored tablet contains levonorgestrel-0.15 mg and ethinyloestradiol- 0.03mg. Each brown coloured film coated tablet contains ferrous fumerate 60mg equivalent to ferrous iron 19.5mg

 Mechanism of Action:Combination hormonal contraceptives inhibit ovulation. In addition, they also produce alterations in the genital tract, including changes in the cervical mucus, rendering it unfavourable for sperm penetration even if ovulation occurs. Changes in the endometrium may also occur, producing an unfavourable environment for fertilisation.

 Advantages of Hormonal OCPs

Decrease in menstrual flow and cramps.

May improve anemia.

Regulate menstrual cycles.

Protect against ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Decrease benign breast lumps.

Prevent ectopic pregnancy. 

 Contra Indications

Nausea and dizziness

Breast tenderness

Intermittent bleeding


Weight gain

 Dosage: Dose starts on first day of menstrual cycle taking 1 tablet daily for 21 consecutive days, followed by 7 days of Iron and folic acid supplementation.

Packing: 1 Cycle of 28 Pills in which 21 pills is for contraception and 7 pills are of Iron supplementation.

Target Audience: Rural women in villages with population less than 15000 populations who want a spacing method for family planning

Price: Rs.3/- for a cycle.

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