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No More Fear

Fear is one of the most primal emotions known to us. However, as we evolved faster than other life forms, we soon figured that if we rationalised and took decisions, it was better than reacting instinctively to fear.

In a primitive state, however, fear was about survival, but in today’s world, fear has hit us in the form of insecurities, self-doubts, apprehensions and suspicion. There is fear in saying ‘yes’, when actually we want to say ‘no’, simply because we cannot risk losing a relationship or the benefits that we derive from it. There is fear also when we consider doing something new, and a persistent voice within us keeps telling us that we are not good enough for it, or that people will laugh when we fail. The result? We abandon our dreams and stick to the conventional. Fear prevents us from trusting those around us and makes us doubt ourselves. It is amazing to observe how fear dominates our decision-making process. As an experiment, just for a day, analyse every decision you make. Ask yourself, “Am I making this decision because I believe in it or is it because I fear something?” Watch your decisions change, as you shift from a decision of fear, to a decision of choice.

Fear Of The Unknown
What we experience is fear of the unknown. Fear sways our decisions because no one wants to deal with uncertainty. Our risk-taking ability is curbed and we want to avoid the tag of failure. We yearn for predictability, and so stick to the tried and tested. This is fine so long as we are satisfied with the present, and do not have too many expectations from the future. But if we are looking to grow in our personal and professional life, then we have to conquer our fears.

Bigger Than Our Fears
Experimenting with new behaviours will change the reactions of people around us. Perhaps we might make a few errors along the way — even be wrong at times — but before long we will stumble upon the right way of doing things, and this is what will take us to the next level. The only way to conquer fear is to do what we fear most. Once we do it, the fear is gone, and what we have left now is choice. Then, one can either choose to do it again, or not do it. But the fear is finally gone! As we start, one step at a time, conquering our smaller fears first, and then moving on to the bigger ones, we grow in self-confidence and conviction and realise that the fears we had all these years were just products of our exaggerated imagination.

Nothing is perfect and we might realise that even when we went wrong, the consequences were not as bad! With the right behaviour, dividends were tremendous. Fears will always exist, but we can rationalise them with self-confidence and beliefs that help us grow and explore new possibilities. Fear then becomes a useful tool that prevents us from being rash and brash and it will no longer stop us from experimenting, innovating, and following our dreams.

Fear always operates out of a vacuum, but this vacuum can be filled with our convictions and beliefs. When we believe in a value or principle, we will act on it regardless of the consequences. Fear then becomes irrelevant, and is conquered. History is full of examples of brave men and women who were guided by the light shown by their dreams, a light they believed in. They all struggled and fought their fears.

It is true that the biggest battles are won not on battlefields, but in the hearts and minds of men.

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