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List of Operations

Albee’s operation  an operation for ankylosis of the hip.

Babcock’s operation  a technique for eradication of varicose veins by extirpation of the saphenous vein.

Bassini operation  plastic repair of inguinal hernia.

Beer’s operation  a flap method for cataract.

Belsey Mark IV operation
  an operation for gastroesophageal reflux performed through a thoracic incision; the fundus is wrapped 270 degrees around the circumference of the esophagus, leaving its posterior wall free.

Billroth’s operation
  partial resection of the stomach with anastomosis to the duodenum (Billroth I) or to the jejunum (Billroth II).

Blalock-Taussig operation
  side-to-side anastomosis of the left subclavian artery to the left pulmonary artery to shunt some of the systemic circulation into the pulmonary circulation; performed as palliative treatment of tetralogy of Fallot or other congenital anomalies associated with insufficient pulmonary arterial flow.

Browne operation
  a type of urethroplasty for hypospadias repair, in which an intact strip of epithelium is left on the ventral surface of the penis to form the roof of the urethra, and the floor of the urethra is formed by epithelialization from the lateral wound margins.

Brunschwig operation  pancreatoduodenectomy performed in two stages.

Caldwell-Luc operation
  1. antrostomy in which an opening is made into the maxillary sinus via an incision into the supradental fossa opposite the premolar teeth. 2. in compound zygomaticomaxillary fractures, a method of packing of the maxillary sinus to allow reduction of displaced fragments of the zygoma by upward and outward pressure.

Cotte’s operation
  removal of the presacral nerve.

Daviel’s operation  extraction of a cataract through a corneal incision without cutting the iris.

Denis Browne operation
  Browne operation.

Dührssen operation
  vaginal fixation of the uterus.

Dupuy-Dutemps operation  blepharoplasty of the
lower lid with tissue from the upper lid.

Elliot’s operation
  sclerectomy by trephine.

equilibrating operation  tenotomy of the direct antagonist of a paralyzed eye muscle.

exploratory operation
  incision into a body area to determine the cause of unexplained symptoms.

flap operation  1. any operation involving the raising of a flap of tissue. 2. in periodontics, an operation to secure greater access to granulation tissue and osseous defects, consisting of detachment of the gingivae, the alveolar mucosa, and/or a portion of the alveolar mucosa.

Fothergill operation  an operation for uterine prolapse by fixation of the cardinal ligaments.

Frazier-Spiller operation
  trigeminal rhizotomy using an approach through the middle cranial fossa.

Fredet-Ramstedt operation

Frost-Lang operation  insertion of a gold ball in place of an enucleated eyeball.

Gonin’s operation
  thermocautery of the fissure in the retina, performed through an opening in the sclera, for retinal detachment.

Hartmann’s operation
  resection of a diseased portion of the colon, with the proximal end of the colon brought out as a colostomy and the distal stump or rectum being closed by suture.

Kelly’s operation
  see under plication.

King’s operation

Kraske’s operation
  removal of the coccyx and part of the sacrum for access to a rectal carcinoma.

Lagrange’s operation

Le Fort’s operation
 , Le Fort-Neugebauer operation uniting the anterior and posterior vaginal walls at the middle line to repair or prevent uterine prolapse.

Lorenz’s operation  an operation for congenital dislocation of the hip.

McBurney operation
  radical surgery for the cure of inguinal hernia.

Macewen’s operation
  an operation for the radical cure of hernia by closing the internal ring with a pad made of the hernial sac.

McDonald operation
  an operation for incompetent cervix, in which the cervical os is closed with a purse-string suture.

McGill’s operation
  suprapubic transvesical prostatectomy.

McVay operation
  see under repair.

Manchester operation
  Fothergill operation.

Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz operation
  suture of the anterior portion of the urethra, vesical neck, and bladder to the posterior surface of the pubic bone for correction of stress incontinence.

Motais’ operation
  transplantation of a portion of the tendon of the superior rectus muscle of the eyeball into the upper lid, for ptosis.

Partsch’s operation
  a technique for marsupialization of a dental cyst.

radical operation
  one involving extensive resection of tissue for complete extirpation of disease.

Ramstedt’s operation

Saemisch’s operation  transfixion of the cornea and of the base of the ulcer for cure of hypopyon.

Shirodkar’s operation  an operation for incompetent cervix in which the cervical os is closed with a surrounding purse-string suture.

Wertheim’s operation  radical hysterectomy.

Ziegler’s operation  V-shaped iridectomy for forming an artificial pupil

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